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Pay The Man lyrics


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     Pay The Man
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        See the way the wind blows
    Lives are intertwined
    Watch the way the world goes
    The man deals out our plight
    Jester in the corner
    Laughs without a sound
    Jester in the corner
    Malady abounds
    In our souls
    See the way the sun sets
    Twilight of this life
    The man is making little bets
    Playing with our lives
    All that I believe now
    Anything is possible
    A simple explanation
    For the evil in this world
    And in our souls
    In our souls
    Come down to sorry and sable
    It's always the man
    Always keeping you down
    Bow down cause I see it before me
    Shadow and light
    That always keeps you running
    Shut up you talk too much
    Pay the man
    Shut up you talk too much
    Look at you and your struggle for freedom
    But you ain't nothing
    We all pay the man for living
    Wouldn't it be nice for a change now
    To be unchained
    My life is for me now
    But this is life
    Pay the man
    Shut up you talk too much
    Pay the man
    Shut up you talk too much
    Pay the man
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